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Surfing holidays

   Vacations coming up and you want to make the most of them?
Our Surf clinics might be just what the doctor ordered!

   School's out and your kids need something to do?
No sweat, we pick them up early and drop them off by the end of the day, all surfed out. With two daily surf sessions and plenty of other fun activities planned, when they get home all they need is a hot shower, a healthy dinner and they are ready for bed.
Contact for more info and available dates.


Children and teenagers from 6 to 16 years old


During school holidays, Easter, Summer (June, July, August, September) and Christmas.

From Monday to Friday, starting at 9h until 17h.


This program consists of weeks of surfing in a fun environment and in constant contact with nature. Due to the permanent monitoring, the clinics will certainly provide a remarkable evolution to the student, whether he has a beginner or more advanced level. The clinics are also the ideal way to make new friends and to awaken and foster the interest of our students in the challenging problems of the current times related to nature conservation.


Depending on the forecast, student's ages and levels, we may go to São João da Caparica, Guincho Beach or Carcavelos Beach

Why us?

 Better lessons: Experienced and responsible teachers certified and 

                              accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

 What's Included: SurfBoard


                                Sports insurance                            


 More attendance: One Instructor for 4/5 students

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I declare, for all legal purposes, that I authorize the use of photographic records and/or videos, captured during classes and sportive events to promote Mowzes Surf School. 

If under aged please fullfill the tutor form.*

I declare that, in accordance with nº.2 of Artº.40º. of Law nº 5/2007 of January 16, I made sure in advance that my child does not have any contraindications for the practice of the modality proposed by the entity.

I declare that I am aware of the risks that may arise from participating in this type of sport, recognizing from the outset that the Organization cannot be held responsible for any type of accident that occurs outside the activity as well as during transport, if necessary. I declare that I am aware of all Mowzes Surf School's internal regulations.

Tutor information

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Mowzes Surf School is located in Cascais, Portugal. Due to weather conditions we operate either on the west facing Guincho beach or the south facing Carcavelos, depending on conditions that best suit your needs. We are open from sunrise to sunset, year round. So, GIVE US A CALL!

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